Mission Statement

The International Peace Group is a nonprofit whose main purpose is to support alternative methods to war so as to prevent war and to support basic principles of human rights worldwide.


Core Values:

War is destroying so many people and a main source of global warming. We value conflict facilitation, group process and open forums as alternatives to war.

  • We believe in deep democracy that believes that a spirit of inclusivity helps reduce violence.
  • We stand for the rights of all people to have their basic human rights met including the right to be free from hunger and internalized and externalized oppression
  • We believe in preserving the wisdom and standing for the rights of indigenous people throughout the world
  • We believe that history doesn’t have to repeat itself if processed and that unprocessed history leaves many people and nations stuck in trauma. So we stand for processing and healing history.
  • We stand for deep diversity principles in our organization and the world


Key Activities:

Conflict work training and interventions in Israel and Palestine

  • Healing History seminars throughout Europe
  • Supporting Magarini Children’s Center in rural Kenya in its efforts to house, feed, and educate children and its dedication to permaculture and organic farming
  • Seminars in United States to support bringing forward the preservation of the wisdom of indigenous groups
  • Supporting open forums worldwide to deal with local, regional, national and international issues as an alternative to violence